Why being left-handed is bad.

It’s all about conformity. Not conformity to something that is inherently superior. Pure conformity, for the sake of uniformity alone.

Most people are right-handed. Everything – absolutely everything – is built for right-handed people. We make accommodations for the disabled and for those who don’t speak English, but not for the left-handed.

That is absolutely the only thing wrong with left-handedness. If the majority were left-handed, right-handedness would be the problem, because conformity for uniformity..

It’s say it’s not fair, but fair is a slippery concept. So I’ll just say it’s damned inconvenient. But there’s no way everything can be convenient for everyone, unless everyone is exactly the same. And the universe seems to value uniformity, but not that much.

You could say the universe is badly designed, but then you would have to presume to know the purpose of the universe. Nonconformity is designed in, for whatever reason. And that causes problems. That’s all we see, and that’s how we judge the universe to be a botch job.

Because the universe doesn’t work well for us at all.

And if you’re a nihilist, believing the universe has no purpose, then there is no standard by which you can pass any meaningful judgment on the universe. To be a critic you must have standards.

And if you have standards, the odds are rather low that they will be same as God’s criteria. Maybe Azathoth is looking at His creation and saying “this turned out exactly the way I wanted it!”