Why those in charge don’t get things done.

1 Productivity is essential for the long term survival of a society. If no one produces the necessities of life, no one will have the necessities of life.

2 For this reason, a healthy society must hold the productive in high esteem. They must not, under any circumstances, be oppressed.

3 A particular sort of productive person — the productive mind — enhances productivity when he is in charge. There are two subtypes: the competent manager and the creative genius.

4 Therefore, the productive minds are the best rulers of a society.

5 Sadly, this ideal state of affairs does not arise naturally. Why? Two reasons..

5a The talents needed to attain and hold on to power are not the same as the talents needed to use power for the general good.

5b Whoever is not in power will resent whoever is in power. This necessitates repression.

6 I see no easy solution. But then, if it were easy, the problem would have been solved long ago. Democracy is limited by the limitations of the majority of voters. Still, it least lowers the bar for getting rid of the bad ones. Revolution? Too many revolutions end up replacing the bad with the worse.

7 However, we can ameliorate this evil. Let the productive minds seek to acquire the skills of acquiring and maintaining power, to the best of their ability. They will be forced to share power with the unworthy, but at least they’ll have a share of power.

I call these productive minds who seek power: Shepherds. And to the unworthy rulers who know only how to have power I give the name: Wolves. The unworthy who crave power, but lack the talent to acquire it I label Goats. All the rest are Sheep.

Wolves and Goats are troublemakers. Wolves prey upon the Sheep and the Goats. Goats just screw everything up with their raging stupidity. Shepherds care about the greater good,and try to do what’s best. A world with only Shepherds and Sheep would be a pleasant one, but we must work with what we have.

I could add: the well-meaning bunglers in power. They really do want what’s best for society, and they think they know what that is, but they’re wrong. They just can’t understand why things keep getting worse no matter what they do (it’s because of what they do!) Call these the Jackasses.

I could go on with the animal metaphors, but I’ve already covered all the important distinctions.