Living things lie.

Life is hostile to life, and lying is part an parcel of that hostility. Prey and predator camouflage themselves to evade detection. Predators use deceptions to lure prey. This is what lying evolved for.

The inanimate world withholds truth only passively, not actively. The physical sciences labor against this friction, but not the added complication of willful deceit. The inanimate world is a black box to be probed. Living beings are much more difficult and dangerous.

Humans have evolved other reasons to lie. People lie to themselves because they are hostile to themselves. People tell ‘white lies’ to shelter those who lie to themselves from the truth. But behind all this lies hostility of life against life – the divided self hostile against itself. Poorly integrated personalities have a civil war going on inside their own skulls, and the lies they tell themselves are part of that war. This is neurosis.

Never lie to yourself. If you lie to others, understand that you are at war. and know what your casus belli is and what or who the enemy is. This applies even to so-called white lies.

Do what it takes to find out the truth.