Be who you are: part 1

I’ve noticed some blog posts recently about identity and freedom. These are concerns of mine, which may be why I’m noticing them. I also feel these two things are connected.

I’ve touched on this before…

Sermon In The Mire 4: your good and true self – Deep, Dark T

…but now I’m going to elaborate on it.

Identity should be a non-problem. If you are sucking your thumb and wondering who you are, something has gone amiss. If you feel torn between conflicting loyalties, something has gone amiss.

You are you. Who else would you be? It ought to be a no-brainer. So what’s going on?

What’s going on is other people are trying to gaslight you. This is what group identity is all about.

They say you owe loyalty to family, to company, to lodge, to neighborhood, to ethnicity, to country. Why? On what basis? Just because. How dare you ask why? This is brainwashing. Whoever talks like this to you does not have your best interests at heart. No one knows who you are except you. They are not trying to enlighten you, they are trying to ingest you. They want to absorb you into their collective.

This is a threat to your true self, by way of a direct attack on your freedom. it attacks the only freedom that matters: the freedom to think and act in accordance with your true nature. This is the only freedom that brings happiness. Any other “freedom” that they promise is a sham.

The collective is a predator. Once it has you in its clutches it will eat you, and then try to digest you. This is why identity and freedom are connected: they are both tied up in the existential soul-struggle against the predator.

Beware anyone or anything that demands your loyalty, for any reason. That’s not to say you owe others nothing at all. You may owe them reciprocity or solidarity. But not loyalty.

Reciprocity is conditional. If some organization has done you kindness, you owe them gratitude. Not loyalty. Gratitude. If you come from a good family, love your family – but not because they’re kin. Love them because they’re good.

Solidarity is conditional. If you notice that people you have something in common with are being attacked, there’s a good chance you’ll be next. I implied above that those who wish to pigeonhole you are your enemies. Here’s the converse: your enemies will wish to pigeonhole you, because they prefer to hate wholesale. They will lump you in with all the others they hate.

Let your enemies define you to this extent: you have a common interest with other victims in defeating this enemy. So make an alliance and be all chummy until Hitler is dead. Then you can have your Cold War.

Similar to solidarity is common taste. People who like the same things as you like and hate the things you hate. That’s not identity, but it’s not entirely bogus either. It springs from who people really are, and that’s fine. Just don’t identify with your hobbies. That’s backwards.

Reciprocity and solidarity are at the core of all sane ethical systems. Loyalty is the black heart of all tribal hatred. Loyalty is the ethos of savages.

Loyalty is by nature unconditional. Unconditional is bad. Unconditional is stupid, unhinged, irrational. It is the death of reason and of self respect. No loyalty. And no group identity, ever. Identity is an individual thing. You are a minority of one. All forms of group identity are soul-killing delusions.

Loyalty – Wikipedia

Look inside yourself and know what you truly like, truly hate, truly feel, truly want. That is you. The real you. The soul. Anything else is fake.

The acid test is happiness and unhappiness. If what you are doing does not make you happy, then it is not what you truly want. And what you do not want is not you. The thing you thought you wanted wasn’t real. It was either a mistake or – even worse – an implant, something programmed into you from an early age. Try something else instead. Something that feels right.

Cognitive dissonance is the state of mind when all the stuff in your head doesn’t add up. When you have enough self awareness to know you have this dissonance in you, you feel what I call cognitive frustration. Cognitive frustration is a form of unhappiness. Your beliefs just don’t work, and it frustrates you. The cure is to ditch the beliefs. If you find it hard to do that, then you’ve been programmed. You must fight the mental conditioning to free your mind.

A trap to be wary of: don’t self identify as one of the free. Anarchists riot in mobs, not as individuals. That’s because they’re not really free. The point isn’t to label yourself as free. the point is to actually be free.

If you label yourself as an individual, you’re more than halfway there. Now drop the indefinite article. That’s a subtler trap: it tempts you identify with others who call themselves individuals. Now the word “individual” has gone from noun to adjective. You are individual. There is only one of you.

Tell yourself this just once. Know in your hearts of hearts that it is true. Knowing this, you won’t need to tell yourself ever again.

Don’t make a point of telling others that you are individual. The brainwashed won’t get it, and the other individual persons won’t buy it… unless you show who you are. And if you show who you are, there’s no need to tell. Just be you. Just do you. Do the things that are you, in the ways that are you.

Be ye authentic.

I’ve Gotta Be Me – Wikipedia

Who am I? Identity and the Search for Meaning | Blog for Chu

What Defines You?

True Happiness is Internal

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